Origin of the Darkside

The Darkside

The Darkside

The majority of Americans are uninformed about American politics and the policies that will effect their very lives. I used to be one of them. This is origin of the Darkside and the ongoing effort to keep people informed, while smacking down the crazy and stupid that is coming from Washington.

I paid for college through a combination of working (Anatomy TA), loans and scholarships and alot of help from my parents (being an only child rocks). It was not until a month ago that I felt the oncoming weight of the real world. Very soon I would be completely on my own. This new found seriousness led to a desire to understand the real world and all the things inside it that would be effecting me during my career (if I can avoid security guards) as a doctor. Which led to politics.

Needless to say to those venturing here from Facebook…..I was not pleased at all by the policies coming out of Washington. I believed that the government was leading America down the wrong path and away from success. My response: I started writing about it.

I picked Facebook as the original vehicle of my insanity because I was lazy. I already had a 600+  audience and had to do zero setup work before I begin pumping out posts. To Mr. Rivera, I feel a great big “I Told You SO,” heading my way. I put in a month of writing  before I made the determination to stop using facebook.

I had been prodded by a medical school classmate to get of my lazy ass and friend the rest of the class on facebook. As I was going down the list I started noticing people I could have sworn I had already friend-ed. I was trying to figure it out when it hit me. In my one month of writing I went from 630 to 564 friends. Apparently I was hitting a raw nerve. I did not mind standing against the policies of the current administration, even if it cost me a “few” facebook friends. But it takes serious skill to start alienating medical school classmates a couple of  weeks before school starts. I made the decision to abandon facebook because let’s face it, who wants to start school with people already hating them?

And thus was Welcome to the Darkside born.



One response to “Origin of the Darkside

  1. I told you so? No way. It was a creative and unique usage of Facebook. Certainly better than being updated hourly about what someone is doing. Like we discussed, politics s touchy for some- enough to polarize us into factions. but we’re all friends in the end.

    When you write an entry, make sure to share the link in FB! Welcome to WordPress!

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