My Blogging Manifesto

This is the post that started it all dear reader. Post numero uno on facebook that eventually led to……the Darkside.

Dear Reader,
I want to give you all in insight into the goal behind this facebook madness. I assure you I have an over reaching goal beyond providing a conservative view point on events, both domestic and foreign. Let us begin with Obama, blessed be his holy name. Amen. (NOTE: Yes, I am going to milk the hell out of that Newsweek editor calling Obama god on MSNBC. And before you ask, yes, I am going to keep doing it for the next 3+ years)

Obama’s policies have brought us to a major crossroads. The way I see it, only one of two things are going to happen. Either Obama’s policies will lead America into a new golden age of Utopian bliss, OR they will leave us a destitute nation crushed under the yoke of government control, hyperinflation, and over taxation. There really is no middle ground. The policies of the Obama administration will have extreme and lasting consequences on our lives, whether it be good or bad. It should be obvious from my postings what side I fall under. But I have a much more ambitious goal besides fighting the good fight for the Grand Ole Party.Too often kids my age couldn’t give a rats ass about politics and its consequences. Nevermind that everything happening right now will determine in some cases the course of our very adult lives. What to do?

Facebook is used primarily for picture sharing and keeping in touch with friends. Valid uses for sure, and things I use it for as well. But facebook could be SO MUCH MORE. Most blogs exist in their own little worlds with maybe 4-5 links to other blogs like them. Imagine blogs as work place cubicles. Now imagine a world were you take those cubicles out and all those blogs are directly exposed to each other. Where can such a thing be done. And then it hit me…..facebook. Everytime you so much as fart people are notified of it on there wall. Imagine every perosn on facebook blogging and posting.

I have something like 600+ friends on facebook. Imagine 600+ blogs all interconnected. When 1 posts a commentary the other 599 imeediately see it on their wall. Can you imagine the sheer amount of shared knowledge and ideas possible if this happened. I am getting a chubby just thinking about it.

Now here is where I go all philosophical and organizer on you. The old folks in washington had their chance and screwed it all up. And I think they are going to bury us in a mountain of debt and inflation to try and make up for their screw up. I do not trust them to save our country and its time “us kids” started coming up with our own ideas.

Let us say all my blog does is get 1 person to disagree with 1 of my posts. Lets say said person turns to liberal blogs like HUffington Post and Daily Kos to find info/sources to counter some of my arguments. Lets us say this action solidifies their political leanings as a liberal Democrat. My job is done and I have been succesful.

I am going to make posts everyday. I am going to put politcal and foreign commentaries in your face. You don’t have to read, in fact, I’ll tell you how to hide my posts or even block me if it bothers you that much. But it will force you to have an opinion. Hopefully you will take said opinion to News Networks and Blogs to solidify your stance and provide you with a source to either agree/disagree with me. And by all means feel free to comment early and often. Thats what I am trying to do.

Or this is all crap and I am just crazy…. 🙂

P.S. I wonder if my classmates at Lecom 2013 think I am a crazy nutcase. Hey, it will make orientation that much more interesting!


Amber H. – “I’m sure there are points we don’t agree on, and probably more that we do. But I am very grateful to see a rarely represented viewpoint in the facebook world, at least among my community. At least one of your classmates doesn’t think you’re a nutcase.”

Tyler S. – At least your well read, and I admire that. we can both read the same facts and be on different sides of the argument and I’ll go ahead and say on most things I will probably think you are wrong.”


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