NSRC – The Magic Number 60

Sen. Al Franken received his Senate seat this past week from the confused people of Minnesota. Democrats have finally reached the magic number in the Senate to block any attempted Republican filibuster. This means they are in the drivers seat, as far as controlling the flow of legislative bills. Sixty seats means no debate, no bipartisanship and increased railroading of bills through Congress.

For the first time in recent memory we can pin the failures of liberal philosophy directly on the Democrats. They have the White House, a significant majority in the House and 60 seats in the Senate. When their progressive policy fails (and it will) they will have nowhere to put the blame but themselves.

Ed Morrissey brings up good points for the hopeful follow up to this video.

“There’s nothing wrong with this ad, as long as it’s followed by ads laying out Republican principles for economic growth, fiscal responsibility, and getting government out of energy production.  The NRSC has time to do that, but they and the RNC need to start soon in getting out a positive message for Republican campaigns.”


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