Republican Line of Attack for 2010

Submitted for your approval, a preview of the line of attack Republicans far and wide will be using next year in the midterms distilled to three crystalline minutes. It’s all here: The gigantic stimulus waste, the travesty of cap-and-trade, and (soon) the unholy bloat of ObamaCare.

Add in Heritage’s now-famous graph of Obama’s deficits


Innocent Bystanders’ chart of how dismally the stimulus has failed to stem unemployment

and you’re 90 percent of the way towards a generic GOP congressional campaign commercial for spring 2010.

As my friend Jonathan Rohr said,”I never though i’d say it, but I think the republicans have a really good shot in 2012. If they can run as the party of fiscal responsibility/military strength and cut the religious bullshit, they’ll be unstoppable.”
-Hot Air

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