British Rationing of Healthcare- US Future Under Obamacare?

N.I.C.E-National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. England Ration care board.

-In march banned Lapatinib and Sutent that prolong the life of those with certain forms of breast and stomach cancer.
Comment from the Public Health director “there is a limited pot of money”.-That’s ration care!

-2007 Board restricted access to 2 drugs for macular degeneration(blindness). When certain people got it, they only got it in one eye. Chief Executive on NICE “When treatments are very expensive, we have to use them for the most benefit to certain patients.”

-Alzheimers-limited the use of drugs(Aricept) that could help. MD’s argued vociferously that this is the most effect way to slow it down. NICE ruled it cost 2 much.

Other NICE rulings include the rejection of Kineret, a drug for rheumatoid arthritis; Avonex, which reduces the relapse rate in patients with multiple sclerosis; and lenalidomide, which fights multiple myeloma. Private U.S. insurers often cover all, or at least portions, of the cost of many of these NICE-denied drugs.

NICE has also produced guidance that restrains certain surgical operations and treatments. NICE has restrictions on fertility treatments, as well as on procedures for back pain, including surgeries and steroid injections. The U.K. has recently been absorbed by the cases of several young women who developed cervical cancer after being denied pap smears by a related health authority, the Cervical Screening Programme, which in order to reduce government health-care spending has refused the screens to women under age 25.

The NICE board even has a mathematical formula for doing so, based on a “quality adjusted life year.” Britain cannot afford to spend more than about $22,000 to extend a life by six months. Why $22,000? It seems to be arbitrary, calculated mainly based on how much the government wants to spend on health care.

Private U.S. insurers often cover all, or at least portions, of the cost of many of these NICE-denied drugs.


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