Congressman Peter King:”Napolitano won’t call al Qaeda terrorists, but will call veterans terrorists.”

From I Hate the Media- Republic Rep. Peter King appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Monday and said some things that are sure to land him in hot water with the Obama administration. And Muslim extremists, too.

“Janet Napolitano testified before the Homeland Security Committee a few weeks ago and never once used the word terrorism. Nowhere in her statement was the word terrorism. When I questioned her about that she basically said she didn’t want to use the word terrorism. She was talking about al Qaeda or bin Laden. We cannot use the word terrorism. They made a point of saying this just generates fear, it generates hysteria and we shouldn’t use the word terrorist.”

“So who do they use it for? Returning veterans and pro-life demonstrators. You can’t say look out for Islamic terrorists. You can’t say look out for 9/11 type terrorists. But you can say look out for potential terrorists from returning soldiers, returning GIs, or pro-life demonstrators. It really shows their mindset. I’m concerned about it.”

King continued:

“That department and she has never put out a report saying, “Look out for mosques, look out for Islamic terrorists in our country, look out for the fact that very few Muslims that come forward to cooperate with the police.”

“If they’d sent out a report saying that, there’d be hell to pay. The New York Times and everybody would be screaming. Instead, she sent this out to police around the country, and she talks about intelligence.”


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