Castro Warns `Wave of Coups’ Coming if Zelaya Isn’t Restored

Really asshole? I guess hostile toverthrough by socialist/communist revolutionaries and subsequent purging of all civilian and ilitary opposition are ok. However, a president who violates his constitution repeatedly on top of trying to make himself dictator for life and the military kicks him out of the country on orders of the judicial and legislative branches of the country. Well gee, those are the kind we have to worry about.

I pray daily for you to die and will throw a “Castro is Going to Hell Party” on the day it happens. May you burn in hell for eternity for what you have done to Cuba and my family.

July 11 (Bloomberg) — Honduran President Manuel Zelaya’s ouster could be the first in a series of upheavals in Latin America if he isn’t returned to power, former Cuban President Fidel Castro said.

A successful coup would set a precedent putting the region’s governments at the mercy of military leaders trained by the U.S., Castro wrote in comments posted on the Web site of the state-run Juventud Rebelde newspaper.

“A wave of coups threatens to sweep away many Latin American governments,” Castro wrote. “The authority of many civilian governments in Central and South America will become weakened.”

Zelaya, forced by the Honduran military to leave the country two weeks ago, wants to return to defend a principle, not to seek power, Castro said.

Zelaya was awoken by troops and put on a plane to Costa Rica on June 28 after ignoring court orders to reinstate the head of the military. The army chief had refused to help organize a poll aimed at changing the constitution, which the Supreme Court had ruled was illegal.

Roberto Micheletti was sworn in as acting president shortly after Zelaya’s removal.


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