About – Mr. Darkside

About the Darkside.

The Dark Side will be an eye opening journey through American politics and the authors voyage into medical school. Inspired by an insane government threatening to tax him into oblivion for the crime of putting in 7+ years of hard educational labor, this blog is an expression of his views and experiences. It’s purpose is to give a hard, realistic look on world events, American politics, and medical school.

The darkside (as in the name of the blog) is a play on the common liberal belief that conservatives are EVIL! Takes this jpeg from Huffington Post…a major liberal website.

Conservatives believe thatg liberals have really bad ideas. Liberals believe that conservatives are all EVIL!

Conservatives believe thatg liberals have really bad ideas. Liberals believe that conservatives are all EVIL!

The above assertions and beliefs will be challenged early, often and vigorously.




The author has been been on an interesting ride the last 5 years (tobe chronicled in “The Darkside Experience” posts). He attended the University of Central Florida and graduated with a degree in Micro- Molecular Biology (MnM).  The last 2 years of college were an especially hard time, for a variety of reasons, that he quite literally almost did not survive. He is currently awaiting the start of medical school (if he can avoid anymore security guards).

The author was born and raised in Tampa, Fl. He embraces his Cuban/Italian heritage and the hard work, responsibility and personal accountability both sets of grandparents brought to America.  The same traits that  led a group of non-English speaking immigrants with only the clothes on their back to produce doctors, optometrists and college professors in only 2 generations. Conservative principles work (fiscal one anyway).

He is non-religious with a former background in an evangelical Baptist church. He is extremely driven, finding satification in success.

He is a fiscal/foreign policy conservative and a social moderate (with a smattering of very liberal ideas….like pro-gay marriage).


Welcome to my blog. Your comments are appreciated but please, no pointless ad hominem attacks. If you’ve got something to say, just say it. If all you want to do is vent then vent but don’t expect me to take you seriously…and I’ll delete any overtly insulting comment unless it makes a good point. Same with bad language. I’ll allow it where appropriate but be creative. You also have my pledge that I will never delete a comment simply because I disagree with you. I am interested in your political point of view afterall.

In short, be as caustic and critical as you like but try not to be a cretin, all right?


Dear reader, whether you are an old reader from facebook or newly arrived, let me welcome you….. to The Dark Side.



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