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Mr. Darkside is Back

Sorry dear reader for the utter lack of posts this past week. I have been moving into my new apartment and preparing to start medical school. Look forward to Welcome to the Darkside exploding with new posts in the coming days!


Break Today – Back in Force Tomorrow

Heading back to school for a get together with some classmates. Stay tuned tomorrow for another explosive day of posting.

Why I am Proud to be an American!

Back in High School, I used to declare to random passersby, “God Bless America!” Around the build-up to Operation Iraqi Freedom, I placed pro-US posters up around campus, armed with a lethal dossier of extra posters which always went back up the instant someone had torn it down (I had informants campus-wide). Those were the simple days. Having “birthed” politically in my sophomore year, everything was so black and white. The idea that the United States of freakin America could somehow be wrong on an issue was almost inconceivable. But those days have long passed. Having wiped away the goo of political ignorance long ago, I fully recognize the many ways in which our beloved nation has faltered. But I also know how far we have come, and how great our influence has been.

After all, the modern international order, based around the UN, the UN Security Council, the Nuclear non-proliferation regime, all of these institutions which I feel unarguably make the world a safer place is in great thanks to the United States. Without the UN the task of dealing with global humanitarian crises, with international conflict, with failing states, preventing nuclear proliferation would all go from difficult to nearly impossible. And without the US, the UN would hardly function. It is an institution centered around peace and humanitarian advancement – and considering the whole world has bought into this system, it is something for which we should forever be proud.

America’s global military presence, decry it though some may, has been a stabalizing influence since WWII. Any American has to be extremely proud of how we have influenced the world, by helping to win WWI and by truly emerging into our own as a superpower by assisting greatly in defeating the Nazi regime and imperialist Japan (which had wreaked such havoc on its neighbors). I, for one, love the fact that probably a century from now, American video game companies will still be making WWII video games with the release of Call of Duty 409: The really not so modern warfare 🙂 But in truth, our positive influence extends so far beyond that. We truly, literally, defended the cause of freedom against the Soviet Empire during the Cold War. We didn’t always have the intricacies of policy right, but we were in the right direction, on the just side. The entire region of South East Asia wants us to remain militarily in the region (including China). We have stood for free-market principles, which the world had been increasingly accepting of, and we have all been better for it. Hundreds of millions have been lifted out of poverty in Asia alone. China, by accepting some of these free-market principles, has created more wealth in such a short amount of time than any nation in the history of this planet, ever. Again, we have not always been spot on with these policies, but they have generally been correct and have advanced the humanitarian cause greatly. And where policy has been lacking, we are learning. We are learning how to make good policy into great policy. We are delivering.

We are the wealthiest nation, easily. We are an economic behemoth. 80% of the worlds billionaires are American – how can you NOT be proud of that??? Haha. That’s the American spirit in me. Of course, it would mean nothing if that simply meant we are a selfish people, but I believe it means much more than that. The US is clearly leading the way in boosting assistance to Africa – this is something largely thanks to President George W. Bush, who tripled ODA (official development assistance) to Africa in his second term alone (this is estimated to have saved tens of millions of lives). America is a very generous nation. We are often criticized for government aid in terms of a percentage of GNI, and these people can criticize all they want. What cannot be denied and is often overlooked is how far we outpace others in private donations. According to the Index of Global Philanthropy, the US is easily the highest private donor in the world, both in terms of percentage of GNI and in real dollar terms (in private dollar terms excluding remittances, the US donates more than 5 times that of Europe combined). If you add remittances, the difference is much greater than it already is. And our wealthiest Americans, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, are some of the world’s greatest philanthropists.

And I haven’t even mentioned our wonderful Constitution, and our dedication to minority rights and the rule of law… I love this country. I love everything for which America has so strongly stood for such a long time. We have had plenty of negatives, but I believe in our systems self-corrective ability. If today we err, tomorrow we shall redeem. I believe in the international order, the Pax Americana, which we have created – where the rule of law and the rights of man matter; where foreign governments cannot oppress with absolute impunity. It is truly, within the context of human history, nothing short of remarkable. This is why I am willing to fight and die for this country, as a US marine. And it is these reasons which have enabled me to proudly declare throughout my life, may God forever bless America.

Dan and I disagree on the effectiveness of the new international order (UN etc..) but othwerwise this is an excellent article. God bless Mr. Hansen while he serves as a US Marine. Semper Fi.
Semper Fidelis

Semper Fidelis