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The Mayo Clinic Leery of Public Health Plan

Dr. Douglas Wood: “If it’s a government-run plan with government price controls, that could be highly detrimental to states like Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and all across the northern tier of the United States.”

I do not know how much weight to give a medical practice, medical school and medical research organization that employs 30,000 people. But many people swear by it.

The Rochester (Minn.) Post-Bulletin in Mayo’s headquarters city reported: “Mayo Clinic leery of public health plan.”

Dr. Wood is the chairman of the clinic’s division of Health Care Policy & Research.

Mayo Clinic supports providing subsidies based on a sliding scale to help make sure that all patients are covered regardless of income level. The clinic contends that health care should be portable instead of tied to a job, and that everyone should be required to have it, Wood said. It also backs prohibiting people from being excluded from coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

The clinic has also put forward the idea of “value indexing” to determine how providers get paid. Wood said that the system would take into account patient outcomes and cost over a period of time. He added that the current bills in Congress contain “very little that reflects payment for value.”

It’s expertise in the medical field is both in practice and commercial. Its managers are as competent — and as worthy in my book (someone has to make sure bills get paid) — as its medical professionals.

I am more leery of this dufus-talk from Democratic Sen Amy Klobuchar: “If we just simply change who is paying for something and do nothing to make the system more efficient, we are really not going to get where we want to go.”

This is exactly what is wrong with government-run health programs: Their goal is to save money, not lives. More than abything, this is what my opposition is: Having Sen. Klobuchar decide how “to make the system more efficient.”

– Thanks to Don Surber